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Debbie Green Vargas.

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Volleyball Player Profile                          Debbie Green Vargas

Debbie was the starting setter on the 1984 Olympic volleyball team and the first American woman in that position to win a silver medal during the Los Angeles Olympiade.

1982 World Championships: Peru vs USA

Watch as Debbie and the USA National volleyball team compete in the 1982 World Championships against future Olympic gold medalists Peru. 

College Volleyball Accomplishments

Green becomes the youngest All-American at age 16

  • 1977 Pac-10 All Conference Team
  • Two-time All American Setter
  • 1976 AIAW National Championship title - USC
  • 1977 AIAW National Championship title - USC - the first time ever a collegiate team completes and undefeated season
  • 1978 Honda Sports Award Winner - Volleyball

Volleyball Player Profile of an     Olympic Volleyball Player

  • Two-time Olympic Volleyball Team Member  - 1980 Moscow, 1984 Los Angeles
  • USA Volleyball Olympic Silver Medalist - 1984 Los Angeles

Volleyball Player Profile
of a USA Volleyball Player

Highly Acclaimed as the Best Setter in USA Womens Volleyball History

  • 1979 Pan Am Games - Fourth Place
  • 1983 Pan Am Games - Silver Medalist
  • FIVB Womens World Championships
  • FIVB Womens World Championships 
  • FIVB Womens World Championships

Professional Volleyball Player

  • 1987 - Major League Volleyball - Los Angeles Starlites, League Champions
  • 1988 - Major League Volleyball - Los Angeles Starlites, League Champions

Famous Female Volleyball Player

  • 1986 - USVBA Hall of Fame Inductee
  • 1998 - Orange County Sports Hall of Fame Inductee
  • 2004 - American Volleyball Coaches Association Hall of Fame Inductee
  • 2005 - Volleyball Hall of Fame Inductee
  • 2010 - Colorado Springs Hall of Fame Inductee w/ 1980 Olympic Team Members
  • Volleyball Magazine's All-Time Indoor First Team

Coaching Volleyball

  • Long Beach State Assistant Volleyball Coach 1986 - 2008

Debbie Green Volleyball Quotes 

Throughout her youth, Debbie Green spent her spare moments playing volleyball, practicing it endlessly, performing in hundreds of matches, forfeiting her social life so she could perfect her skills as a setter.

"I never went to a prom or to movies like other high school girls did," she says.

"My entire life was volleyball. I'd play six days a week, with Monday the only day I'd take off."

Debbie Green

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Debbie Green Vargas

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