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Hi,  My name is April Chapple and I'm the creator of Dear Volleyball.com, the place where inspiring volleyball quotes and motivational sayings and stories can change volleyball players lives. 

Volleyball quotes and sayings have been a big part of my professional volleyball career because they were what I relied on as reminders in hard times for confidence building when I needed to overcome obstacles.

I spent a long time travelling to play this game all over the world and many times when you are by yourself you need something to motivate you, to inspire you to do your best, especially when competing in front of a crowd of thousands of strangers in a foreign country. 

I collected motivating quotes, inspiring quotes and I started asking the players I was friends with and competing against, who happened to be some of the best players in the world at that time, to write about their inspiring stories of how they overcame their biggest obstacles. 

They did and I they agreed to share those for me and I share those with you in a collection of inspiring stories. 

Let me share a bit more about me. 

About April Chapple 
collegiate volleyball player

As a volleyball scholarship athlete at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville

  • I was a four-time All American
  • I was UTK's first four-year volleyball Hall of Fame Inductee at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
  • From Inglewood, California like my idol, volleyball Olympian Flo Hyman, I was named to the US National Team in 1985
  • I represented the USA in indoor women's professional Italian league for eight years
  • Having attended the University of Tennessee, Knoxville from 1981-1985 coached by Bob Bertucci I'm a member of the ONLY volleyball team in UT Knoxville history to 
    1. win three SEC (Southeastern Conference) championships in four years 
    2. to qualify for the NCAA Championship playoffs four years in a row
  • Statistical category results still rank in the top ten rankings in the SEC - records that stand for more than 30 years 
  • I was a Southeastern Conference Most Valuable Player
  • For three years I was named to the All SEC Conference team 
  • I was the Southeastern Conference Tournament MVP my senior year

About April Chapple 
professional volleyball player

As an international professional indoor volleyball player...

  • I played in Italy for eight years where I helped my teams become
  • Finalists Italian League Championships
  • Finalists Italian Cup Tournament
  • Finalists European Cup of Cup (Coppa delle Coppe) Tournament

I played in the first women's indoor professional volleyball league in the United States where I was a 

  • First round draft pick and First Team All Pro - Major League Volleyball - New York Liberties

I played in the first professional Four-Person volleyball league in the United States where I was a

  • First round draft pick and First Team All Pro- Team Champion - Budlight Fours (ESPN)

About April Chapple 
professional beach volleyball player

As a professional beach volleyball player...

  • I was voted Budlight Four Person Best Left Side Hitter in 1993
  • I became  a (WPVA) Womens Pro Beach Volleyball Association member in 1986
  • I was a member of the (AVP) Association of Volleyball Professionals
  • I was the (FIPAV) Italian 3x3 Beach Champion with partners Simonetta Fillippini and future Italian Olympian Laura Bruschini
  • I was a (CBVA) California Beach Volleyball Association member and earned a #1 ranking in the state of California among female players in the state
  • In the (FIVB) I was ranked in the top 100 players in the world as high as #80 
  • I played in FIVB (Barcelona) and AVP (Long Beach) events w/ five-time Olympian Danielle Scott Arruda 
  • Manhattan Beach Six Man - won first place title twice, second place title twice 

About April Chapple 
published author

As a published author...

  • For four years I coached coaches  as the "Five Quick Tips" regular columnist for the American Volleyball Coaches (AVCA) Association bi-monthly "Coaching Volleyball" magazine
  • I authored more than 100 published articles online and off teaching elite volleyball skills to players and coaches
  • I contributed articles to publications like: Active.com, CapitalOneCup.com, Las Vegas Sports Magazine, Volleyball Magazine, USA Volleyball Magazine, e-sports.com 
  • I'm the creator and editor of these websites: Improve Your Volleyball.com, DearVolleyball.com and Volleycats Elite.com 
  • I wrote the e-booklets: "How To Stop Serving Like A Wimp" and 86 Girls Volleyball Tips: How To Gain Confidence on the Court
  • I created the VolleyBragSwag volleyball tshirt line. 

About April Chapple 
published photographer

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