Need A Volleyball Goal? Work To Improve Your Vertical Volleyball Jump 

Can You Jump Ten Feet? 
Join the Dear Volleyball 'Reach The Rim' Ten Foot Touch Club for Vegas Girls

Set a volleyball goal to improve your volleyball vertical jump. (pictured Sophia Ewalefo photo by Olivia Ewalefo)Set a volleyball goal to improve your volleyball vertical jump. (pictured Sophia Ewalefo photo by Olivia Ewalefo)

Need a volleyball goal? Here's one.

Work to improve your vertical volleyball jump. Set a goal for yourself to jump higher. 

Why is it important? 

If you can touch ten feet

  • that means you can potentially hit higher above the net and the block than most players do when using good spike approach technique.  
  • Using the correct spike jump technique helps add inches to your ability to get up higher in the air. 
  • You increase your chances of scoring points by being able to reach higher to contact the ball. 
  • When you jump higher you tend to be able to see the open spaces on the opposing team's court better. 
  • As a high jumping hitter, using the correct technique, it becomes easier to move the ball around if you are hitting  from a higher point in the air.  

College coaches love high jumping spikers and blockers. Players in the collegiate game at the Division I and II level have gotten taller, faster and reach higher.

They also jump higher as well, because hitting from a higher point increases the chances of spiking the ball at a sharper angle which makes these spikes potentially harder to dig or defend. 

Watch what it looks like when top Division I players reach and jump higher.

The majority of these players jump and reach a minimum of ten feet high. 

Congratulations To The Newest Member of the Reach The Rim Ten Foot Touch Club
Sophia Ewalefo

Congratulations to the newest member of the Dear Volleyball 'Reach The Rim Ten Foot Club', freshman outside hitter on Bishop Gorman's JV team, Sophia Ewalefo.

Sophia set a volleyball goal of being able to touch the basketball rim. 

After learning to swing both arms all the way back before swinging them forward to spike, Sophia went to the park on weekends and worked on correcting her spike approach jump until she was able to reach the rim!

Proud of you Sophia, Congratulations! 

Need A Volleyball Goal? Join the 'Reach The Rim' Ten Foot Touch Club

Can you touch ten feet?

Vegas girls volleyball players if you can reach and touch the basketball rim that means you can touch ten feet. 

The first player to do this was Kami Miner (US Girls Youth National Team member and setter for Redondo Union High School currently ranked second in the nation) who reached the rim while in the 8th grade and still living in Las Vegas. 

Become a member of the Dear Volleyball's "Reach The Rim Ten Foot Club" by sending us pics and videos with proof of you touching the rim and your name will be added to our list of members on this website.

You must be on a Las Vegas girls volleyball high school or club team roster to participate.

We are modelling this idea after @prepvolleyball Ten Foot Club, thank you Prep Volleyball.

If you meet our qualifications to join the #vegasvolleyball girls 'Reach The Rim Ten foot Touch' club then be sure to submit your videos/pics to for consideration to join their nationally known Prep Volleyball Ten Foot Volleyball Club. 

Send video (youtube link is fine) and picture proof to

Good luck!

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